J DILLA - Donuts Vinyl

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Color: Original Donut Cover
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One of the best hip hop albums ever made. 'Donuts' is accessible without being typical or easily defined: it's hip hop without mcs; electronic music that at times sounds like a 70s soul mixtape; J Dilla doing what he does best - crafting hip hop, soul and electronic music into his own sound. You might not have heard of J Dilla, but you know his sound. He produced classics for A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Q Tip, Common (including two tracks on 'Be', and the whole preceding album), and was a founder member and driving force behind Slum Village. Add to that a slew of classic remixes (D'Angelo); his incredible 'Jaylib' album with Madlib and his BBE 'Beat Generation' LP; and the prolific underground trading of his legendary beat-tapes, and you've got the story of a hip hop legend. Rest in beats J Dilla.

Media Music VINYL LP (Vinyl) × 2
Released October 4, 2011
EAN/UPC 0659457212650
Cat. no. SNHO2126.1
Genre Hip Hop / Rap
Dimensions 432 g
Number of tracks 31


1. LP

Donuts (Outro) (0:12)
Workinonit (2:57)
Waves (1:38)
Light My Fire (0:35)
The New (0:49)
Stop (1:39)
People (1:24)
The Diff'rence (1:52)
Mash (1:31)
Time: The Donut Of The Heart (1:38)
Glazed (1:21)
Airworks (1:44)
Lightworks (1:55)
Stepson Of The Clapper (1:01)
The Twister (Huh, What) (1:16)
2. LP

One Eleven (1:11)
Two Can Win (1:47)
Don't Cry (1:59)
Anti-American Graffiti (1:53)
Geek Down (1:19)
Thunder (0:54)
Gobstopper (1:05)
One For Ghost (1:18)
Dilla Says Go (1:16)
Walkinonit (1:15)
The Factory (1:23)
U-Love (1:00)
Hi. (1:16)
Bye. (1:27)
Last Donut Of The Night (1:39)
Donuts (Intro) (1:11)

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