JAMMIN SAM MILLER - Donkey Kong Country 2: Original Soundtrack Vinyl

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Color: Jungle Green
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Musique Pour La Danse is proud to present the Donkey Kong Country 2 OST [Recreated] of the much appreciated and globally followed Donkey Kong Country OST recreation project led by NY-based composer and producer Jammin Sam Miller.


Track List:

1. LP

K.Rool Returns (0:41)
Steel Drum Rhumba (1:14)
Welcome to Crocodile Isle (1:03)
Klomp's Revenge (2:20)
Token Removal (0:45)
Jib Jig (1:57)
Cranky's Conga (1:20)
Schoolhouse Harmony (1:35)
Lockjaw's Saga (1:43)
Swanky's Swing (0:48)
Funky the Main Monkey (1:28)
Boss Bossanova (1:08)
Hot Head Bop (3:37)
Mining Melancholy (3:27)
Bayou Boogie (2:35)
Snakey Chantey (2:04)
Stickerbrush Symphony (4:26)
Disco Train (3:26)

2. LP

Flight of the Zinger (3:01)
Run, Rambi! Run! (0:45)
Forest Interlude (4:30)
Haunted Chase (2:15)
In A Snowbound Land (3:04)
Krook's March (3:39)
Bad Bird Rag (1:58)
Crocodile Cacophony (1:54)
Game Over (0:20)
Klubba's Reveille (0:59)
Lost World Anthem (1:30)
Primal Rave (3:28)
DK Rescue (2:06)

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